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Who the heck are these people?!

You might be wondering who the extraordinarily beautiful and extremely hilarious pair is behind #TheMarRidLife and we are happy to tell you that we are Marlie Long and Rid Hollands. Two people who come from across the world who happened to meet one summer day in London at a work happy hour. While the chance meeting took us by surprise, the setting could not have been more perfect as we got to know each other in a pub (shout out to the Queen’s Head and Artichoke!) and over an Argentinian steak dinner ~ setting us on course for a love filled with great food and delish drinks! Fast forward a few years, we are now engaged and both living in the U.S., but we did the procrastinating thing and decided to sack our jobs and go backpacking around the world for an undetermined time in order to see and experience all the world has to give before settling down and let’s be honest to trial run this whole marriage thing LOL!

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